The Lands Department is responsible for the management and protection of all LNIB reserve lands. In an effort to prevent unlawful activity including dumping of hazardous materials and waste, as well as improper use of LNIB land, four gates were installed on Nicola Mameet IR1 in fall of 2021. Over the last two years more than 370 tons of recyclables and waste were removed from LNIB reserve lands through efforts and support provided by actions taken under the Solid Waste Management Plan. Learn more by contacting the Lands team.

Access codes may need to be obtained  from the LNIB Lands Department. Contact the Lands team if you require access to use land that is behind a locked gate.

Security cameras were also installed during Spring 2022 near significant areas and locations of interest. These cameras are for security purposes only and will not interfere with the privacy of neighboring homes, businesses, and communities.

Email the Lands Department or call the office at 250-378-5157 if you have questions about gates or cameras on LNIB reserves.