Research and records management is an important part of the LNIB Lands Department, which maintains a secure filing system with documents and information related to Lower Nicola Indian Band. Research is done in collaboration with Band Members who share their stories and knowledge with the Lands team. Non-profit organizations like, the Lands Advisory Board Resource Centre also provide support and guidance to the Lands Department for various projects.

LNIB Members are encouraged to connect with the Lands Department for information regarding a specific estate or area of land. Together, the Lands team and the Members, compile data from multiple sources to generate coherent research reports and findings. Requests for information are handled by the Lands team in the order they are received.

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LNIB Land Reports and Estate Reports were created by the Lands team to provide organized research with attached documentation and references that are relevant to specific areas of land and estates. Research reports are produced by the Lands team to assist transfers and address unsettled land and estate concerns, as well as provide evidence of traditional land ownership. To learn more about research related to transferring land and settling estates, contact the Lands Department directly.

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