Land Code is a way for First Nations to independently manage reserve lands and resources. A Land Code is a document created by First Nation communities to replace multiple sections of the Indian Act that relate to land management. Once a signatory to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management, a First Nation has the ability to create a Land Code that outlines how the community will work together to develop laws and policies for governing and managing their reserve lands and resources. Lower Nicola Indian Band members voted and approved the LNIB Land Code in August 2016 and the Land Code came into effect on December 1, 2016. Find more information and documentation below.
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What is Land Code?

Land Code is a document our community will create to replace the land management provisions of the Indian Act. Land Code will be our system of law for our reserve lands and resources on reserve if we implement it. Land Code will:

  • Identify the reserve lands to be managed by LNIB
  • Determine the rules and procedures for the use and occupation of the reserve lands by LNIB members and third parties
  • Include provisions about financial accountability for revenues from the reserve lands and resources on reserve
  • Make and publish LNIB land laws, such as land use planning, and conflict of interest rules for land management
  • Develop procedures for land use in the case of marital breakdown
  • Create a dispute resolution process
  • Determine a procedure by which LNIB can grant interests in land (both to members and third parties) or acquire lands for community purposes
  • A procedure to amend the Land Code

Does the Indian Act still apply to Lower Nicola Indian Band now that we have a Land Code?

Yes. Approximately 2/3 of the Indian Act does not deal with land matters and will continue to apply. By implementing a Land Code we will be removed from 1/3 of the Indian Act.


Learn about how the Lands Department is working together with Lower Nicola Indian Band members and the community to develop laws and poilicies that move LNIB closer towards full self-governance.

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Land Decolonized is an Indigenous podcast that explores the practical side of the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management. This podcast was created for First Nations communities and anyone interested in learning more about land governance outside of the Indian Act. The Land Decolonized podcast is brought to you by the First Nation Land Management Resource Centre and supported by the First Nation Land Advisory Board.

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Email the Lands Department or call the office at 250-378-5157 if you have questions about Land Code. Check monthly LNIB Newsletters for Lands and Housing updates.